SC Family Holistic Beauty with AVEDA
29 September 2014

SC Family invites residents to experience a wonderful activity SC Family Holistic Beauty Workshop” with AVEDA, professional hair products from United States on 11 Octorber 2014 at the Premiere Lounge, 6th Floor, Zen (Central World)

The activity was divided into four rounds:
Round 10:30-12:00 register at 10:15
Round 13:00-14:30 register at 12:30
Round 15:00-16:30 register at 14:30
Round 17:00-18:30 register at 16:30

Activities inside the event
1. Breathing Exercise – ways to breathe appropriately to achieve the best benefit which is a model of a healthy life and detox
2. Acupressure Massage Class – learn how to do the acupressure massage to enhance relaxation from the experts of Aveda
3. Hairstyling Advice – receive advice from top hair stylish from Aveda Salon to discover hairstyles that matches different types of faces, learn how to properly use hairstyling products to get an outcome like an expert
4. Element Finding and Balancing – discover your element and learn how to balance it, receive skin care advice and test the skin products that suit you
5. Aroma making – discover the scent that is made for you and make essential oil for massaging and skin caring

Limited for 40 persons (1 right for 2 persons)
Special souvenirs reserved for residents aged above 25
(This event is free of charge) Register tel. 1749