The Art of Gastronomy 2 at Karatama Robatayaki
15 September 2015

SC ASSET Corporation Public Company Limited by Khun Nuttaphong Kunakornwong, Chief Executive Officer, presented “The Art of Gastronomy” event by inviting 10 SC FAMILY to join an exclusive dinner at Karatama Robatayaki restaurant on Sep, 15 2015

Robatayaki style is like grill bar that serves light meals and snacks of a grilled variety which provides fresh and premium imported ingredients from Hokkaido, Japan.
Grilling food to serve with a paddle by a Japanese chef who works on the uplifted stage.

Besides the impression of gastronomic experience, new friendship had developing as well as sharing a good conversation throughout the night to emphasized the concept of “LIVELY NEIGHBOURHOOD”

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