In 2050, all home build by SC ASSET make every morning a good morning for more than one million customers. Here, everyone feels safe and enjoys a better quality of life, for they have more time and energy to spend they doing what they love and nurturing their dreams, some of which could make our world a better place. SC ASSET is the first name on top of people’s mind for high quality and innovative homes. Our employees are proud to play a part in creating good morning that continue to inspire a better society for all.


Make every morning a “good morning” for every customer. Every morning, life starts anew at home. At SC ASSET, we strive to build thoughtful home and help solve resident’s pain points. We foster a safe living environment, and provide heartwarming services, so that those who live in our homes have more time and energy to spend doing what they love. We build home that cater to all price points, so “good morning” are possible for all. And from these good beginnings ,a better society can be built.

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SC Asset’s first priority is our customers’ needs. We strive to develop all categories of products, namely single detached houses, townhomes, condominiums and office buildings, to ensure that all customers in our development projects live a perfect life both today and in the future. Therefore, SC Asset’s house is far more than just an ordinary residence, but a piece of creativity in every bit of detail with full-function facilities in a good community and with 24-hour security system. We offer 5 components of perfection to our special customers.

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